Removable Braces

For growth modification (Phase 1) and mild inconsistencies, removable braces are typically used. Clear aligners for the correction of mild to moderate malocclusion and post-treatment relapse are available. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners can be removed while you eat or drink, and during your normal brushing and flossing routine. For instance, Invisalign ® is one of the clear aligners available on the market. Invisalign ® consists of a set of removable aligners that are custom made. Using 3-D computer technology, each aligner is individually created. For around two weeks, you wear each set of aligners, progressively shifting your teeth week by week, until you have obtained the expected optimum result.

Fixed braces

Conventional braces usually consist of small brackets of stainless steel cemented to your teeth, linked by a wire. The wire may be held to the tooth by a clip that is built into the bracket (self-ligating braces) or by a set of small rubber bands called ligatures, depending on the type of brace. Colours can be applied to make your braces more appealing instead of just metal, and they can be changed during your monthly adjustment appointments. You also have the option of wearing braces that are 'invisible' (ceramic) or lingual (behind the teeth).

After Treatment

Now that your teeth is at your desired result, that doesn’t mean that your treatment is done and over. Throughout life, the position of our teeth continues to shift. This is a process that can lead to changes in the bite or the alignment of the teeth in the long term. Furthermore, teeth following orthodontic treatment appear to return to their original position. This is referred to as relapse. To mitigate this and ensure continuity of the treatment result, retainers are therefore given. The dentist will give you directions on the retainers' treatment and use.

Why do braces?

Better Bite

Orthodontic treatment allows a stronger bite to be obtained, making teeth fit and work better.

Straighter Teeth

Straighter and aligned teeth will look and function normally.

Great Smile

Be confident to flaunt your new smile with straighter and aligned teeth.

Healthier Mouth

The risk of potential dental complications such as tooth decay or gum disease is minimised by straight and well-aligned teeth, as misaligned teeth are difficult to clean and maintain.

Speech Improvement

When your teeth and jaw are not properly aligned, it affects your speech. With straighter teeth and more aligned jaw, your speech can be improved tremendously.